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Download of Bongo Grooves for Beginners (Volume 1)

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Learning to play the bongos has never been easier than with this new video, which is designed for the first-time hand drummer. It teaches fun, funky grooves--including The Habanera, Calypso, Bombo, Tumbao, and The Backbeat Groove—that fit with all kinds of music. I take a non-traditional approach, using techniques that are easy to learn and easy on your hands, so you can start playing along with your favorite music or jamming with your friends as soon as possible.

The instruction is clear and step-by-step, with no boring exercises.  And the rhythm almost never stops, because I add my explanations and tips in voice over. 

The video also includes tips on tuning and how to hold the bongos, as well as explanations of basic rhythmic concepts. For those of you who like to work with charts, there's a PDF file you can print out with charts of all the patterns. And there’s a special section explaining how to read the charts.

Finally, to show you how the grooves can work in a real playing situation, most of the lessons include samples from a jam session I had with my friend Scott Sansby up on the roof of his apartment. I had a blast playing with him up there, and with this video you can have a blast learning to play the bongos.

Hi Al,
I wanted to reach out to you after receiving your two instructional DVDs on bongos. So many percussionists try to pass their skills onto others, but don’t have a clue how to actually teach their craft.  You are without a doubt the best hand percussion instructor I have ever come across.
Your teaching style is amazing. You make every rhythm and groove easy to understand. And you’ve created a perfect instructional blend of technique, precision, repetition and ease, with excellent camera angles.
I hope you never stop expanding on this work. You have clearly found your own groove when it comes to teaching percussion to others!
Paul D. Nunn
Cumming, Georgia