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Gentle Djembe, Volume 2 DVD: Deepening the Groove

Like all Gentle Djembe DVDs, Volume 2 gives you the feel of private lessons along with the thrill of playing in a group. In this DVD, you'll be getting a whole lot funkier, while still going easy on your hands. You'll learn to combine a backbeat groove with a variety of West African rhythms, and you'll learn how to incorporate touches into your playing to add texture and momentum to your grooves. 

You can get this DVD separately, or as part of the set of three Gentle Djembe DVDs--which saves you $15.  Just click on the image below in the bottom row on the left.  You can also get it as a download in the downloadable set of three Gentle Djembe videos (click on the image below in the bottom row on the right).

Running time: 1 hour with play-alongs

"What an absolute joy this video is! Probably the next best thing to being in your group class live." Bill Drol Stow, Ohio