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Gentle Djembe, Volume 3 DVD: Playing in 6/8 Time

with Alan Dworsky

In Volume 3, you'll enter the polyrhythmic world of 6/8 time, while still going easy on your hands. You'll learn patterns adapted from powerful West African rhythms--including kpegisu and dunumba as well as one of the most popular 6/8 bell patterns. Like the first two Gentle Djembe videos, Volume 3 provides clear, step-by-step instruction with the feel of private lessons. And in addition to the usual play-along tracks, this DVD includes a PDF file with charts of all the patterns.  

You can get this DVD separately, or as part of the set of three Gentle Djembe DVDs--which saves you $15.  Just click on the image below in the bottom row on the left.  You can also get it as a download in the downloadable set of three Gentle Djembe videos (click on the image below in the bottom row on the right).  

Running time: 1 hour with play-alongs

"Your DVDs are the best! They’re easy to follow, your explanations are clear, and the pacing is just right for beginners. And I love the play-alongs!" Diana Magness, Midway, Utah