Dancing Hands Music


Learn to Solo on Djembe or Conga as a download

When I was learning to solo, my teachers told me to "just feel it."  That didn't work for me, so I spent years breaking down the art of soloing to a step-by-step learning process.  And I put everything I know into this series on soloing. 

Now I'm offering the entire series as a package deal.  There are 8 lessons.  I recorded Lessons 1-4 in two different forms: as a set of video lessons on DVDs and as a set of audio lessons on CDs.  But I only recorded the most advanced lessons--Lessons 5-8--as a set of CDs.  You used to have to pick one format or the other, but now I'm offering everything as a download in this single package deal.  

Each format has its advantages.  In the video lessons, you get to watch my hands play the patterns, a big plus for visual learners.  In the audio lessons, I was able to create a more flexible practice tool, because I could offer four different versions of each pattern for you to play along with: slow conga, fast conga, slow djembe, and fast djembe.   

All the lessons include charts of all the patterns.  The audio lessons come with 50 pages of charts and instructions and the video lessons come with 20 pages of charts, all of which you'll get as PDF files. If you want to learn how to build a solo, brick by brick, there's nothing else out there like this.