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$1 Download of "Polyrhythms for Piano: The Magic of 6/8 Time"

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This special download for only $1 includes the essence of my book for piano "The Joy of Six."  I'm offering this almost for free because I want piano players to see how cool the book is and how beautiful the patterns and pieces are.  The download includes a 28-page pdf of pages from the book (including musical notation of the patterns) and 25 tracks of audio files in mp3 format that let you hear how each pattern sounds.  The audio files also include tracks of the four complete pieces I teach in the book.  

For only $1, you'll learn how polyrhythms in 6/8 time work, and how they can be applied to the keyboard.  I'm hoping you'll like my approach so much that you'll want to buy the book, which is only $9.95 with free shipping in the U.S.  And if you want to share this $1 download with your friends, I'm fine with that.  I would have made it free if I could have, but the only way I could make it available on my website was to charge something for it.   

The video clip below was made by Owen McCall, who bought the book, learned all the pieces by heart, and then posted them to YouTube. Here he plays the last piece in the book--Invention 4.  Thanks so much Owen!  


Although the book is for intermediate to advanced players, there's nothing in it that's difficult from the standpoint of piano technique. In fact, what each hand does separately is actually pretty easy. It's the rhythms that are tricky--getting the hands to dance together in time. 

“Within fifteen minutes of opening the book and listening to the CD, I was playing the first few patterns to invention one, and was so excited I could hardly stand it. Easily the best, most systematic, most immediately rewarding book on keyboard playing I have ever used.” Schim Schimmel
“Fantastic!” Jeremy Hanson, Piano Instructor, MacPhail Center for Music 
"I feel like you are sitting next to me on the piano bench." Jesse Summers