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The djembe I played in the original Gentle Djembe video

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This drum is a bit of a celebrity.  I used it to play the patterns in the original Gentle Djembe video, and it was featured on the front cover.  I wish I knew more about its lineage.  I believe it was made in Burkina-Faso, but I don't know what kind of wood it's made out of.  The drum is 25 inches tall and the drumhead is 14 inches across.  

The drum has a deep bass and a warm tone and is in exactly the same condition it was in when I played it in Gentle Djembe, except for one tiny black squiggle about a quarter of an inch long on the right side of the drumhead.  I'm guessing I made it while absent-mindedly writing down a rhythm I was playing. You can see it on the photo of the drumhead on the left.  I'm hoping you'll think of it as my "signature"!

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