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"A Rhythmic Vocabulary" download package deal (book in PDF format with 2 Patterns CDs and Timelines CD as mp3 downloads)

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by Alan Dworsky and Betsy Sansby 

This 208-page book won the DRUM Magazine Readers' Poll as Best Percussion Instruction Book. It's now out of print as a physical book but it's available here in PDF format. It's the first systematic, comprehensive approach to learning about rhythm.

It's for any drummer or other musician playing any style of music. It organizes and analyzes hundreds of African and Afro-Cuban patterns to give you a deeper understanding of rhythmic structure. It also teaches rhythmic concepts and variation techniques you can use to create patterns of your own. Learn to groove and solo with greater rhythmic freedom and express yourself with a richer rhythmic vocabulary.

The book comes with the following as downloadable mp3 files: 2 Patterns CDs containing recordings of every pattern in the book and a Timelines CD for you to play along with while you practice.  The Timelines CD contains recordings of the son clave and 6/8 cowbell patterns at multiple tempos.

"Best Percussion Method Book" 1999 DRUM Magazine Readers' Poll
"The book is masterfully written. Reading it is like having a good friend sitting next to you, guiding you through each lesson. It explains musical concepts in a way anyone can easily understand, regardless of musical background. The notation is unmistakably clear and the references to diverse musical styles from around the world are insightful. The sections on cross-rhythms and polyrhythms should be required reading for any musician!" Professor Michael Williams, Department of Music, Winthrop University.
"A goldmine" DRUM Magazine