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Hip Grooves for Hand Drums (download of book, CD, and DVD)

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You don't need a drumset to lay down a groove. All you need is one drum. It can be a djembe, a conga, or anything else you can get both your hands on. Whether your goal is to play in a band, jam in the park, play in a church group, or just drum along with your favorite music, this book will show you how, step by step.  This is the download version, which gives you the book as a PDF, the CD as mp3 audio files, and the DVD as a download.

There are no boring exercises in this book, just great dance grooves. Many of them are adapted from drumset patterns used in rock, pop, and funk music. Others are based on traditional African or Afro-Cuban rhythms. You can play all these grooves in a wide variety of musical styles and settings. And you can hear how each one sounds on the play-along CD that comes with the book. And you don't have to know how to read music either. All the patterns are notated using simple box charts that even non-musicians find easy to understand.


The video shows you how every pattern in the Hip Grooves book is played. It's designed to be used with the book and the CD to create a complete learning package: use the book for the charts and explanations, use the CD to hear how the patterns sound and for play-along practice, and use the video to see how the hands move on every pattern.