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Gentle Djembe, Volume 3: Playing in 6/8 Time (download)

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with Alan Dworsky

In Volume 3, you'll enter the polyrhythmic world of 6/8 time, while still going easy on your hands. You'll learn patterns adapted from powerful West African rhythms--including kpegisu and dunumba as well as one of the most popular 6/8 bell patterns. Like the first two Gentle Djembe videos, Volume 3 provides clear, step-by-step instruction with the feel of private lessons. You'll also get a PDF file with charts of all the patterns.  

You can get this video download separately, or as part of the set of three Gentle Djembe videos--which gets you three videos for the price of two and saves you $15.  Just click on the image below in the bottom row on the left. You can also get this video as a DVD. Just click on "Gentle Djembe DVDs" in the menu on the right side of this page. 


"Your DVDs are the best! They’re easy to follow, your explanations are clear, and the pacing is just right for beginners." Diana Magness, Midway, Utah