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Keyboard Rhythms: Improvising Like a Drummer at the Piano (video download)

There are countless instructional resources available to keyboard players who want to learn to improvise using scales and chords. But rhythm? Not so much. So in this video I’ve tried my best to fill that gap by applying the rhythms I’ve learned as a drummer to the keyboard. 

The video is an hour long and divided into seven step-by-step lessons. You’ll learn to improvise using the pop clave rhythm, offbeats, shuffle steps, 6-licks, 7-licks, 10-licks, triplets, and mixed licks. What you won’t find are boring exercises. And throughout the lessons the music never stops, as you can see in the sample clip below: 

To make the licks and the concepts clearer, I use charts on-screen. These aren’t traditional music notation, but rather the simple box charts that drummers use to notate rhythms. Even if you’ve never learned to read music, you’ll find them intuitively understandable. 

Once you’ve learned the rhythms in this video, you can apply them to the scales and chords you already know, and take your keyboard improvising to the next level.

"Al's exercises and ideas open countless possibilities for improvisation. Incredibly helpful!" Pablo Augustin Obregon, Switzerland