Learn to Solo on Cajon: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners (download)

Learn to Solo on Cajon: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners (download)

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Years ago, when I asked my drum teacher if he could help me learn to solo, he said: "Just feel it, man!"  Well, that didn't work for me, so I've spent years breaking down the process.  That's why I'm able to show you how to solo in a systematic, step-by-step way.    

    This video is packed with over 70 soloing licks and phrases, all played with music. It's structured into 6 lessons, each focused on a different kind of lick. You'll learn:

    • the power of pairs
    • cross-rhythmic sixes and sevens
    • the funky offbeat path 
    • how to create the illusion of speed with a rippled six
    • split hands voicing
    • formulas for generating longer phrases
    • the techniques of compression and expansion
    • how to go from a groove to a solo or fill and back, and more.  

    Each pattern is shown mainly in a player's-eye view and sometimes in a side view.  The video comes with an 18-page PDF file that includes charts of all the patterns. For easy reference, the number of each pattern appears onscreen while I'm demonstrating it. And the music never stops, so you can always play along.  

    You can think of the licks and patterns in this video as being like words and phrases in your rhythmic vocabulary.  The goal is for you to learn to put them together in your own way, so that when you solo on cajon--whether it's in a band or a jam or just playing along with your favorite music--you can say what you want to say. 

    Running time:  50 minutes