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Boomwhacker® Rhythms (download)

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In this hour-long video, you'll learn how to play 18 different two- and three-part rhythms from Africa and Cuba, as well as rock and pop music. It's for kids 5 and up, but it's also for grown-ups, as you'll see when I play the rhythms along with my wife Betsy and our 27-year-old daughter Molly.  And whether you're a teacher looking for a funkier way to use Boomwhackers® in the classroom or a family that just wants to play together, this video will get you rockin' in no time.

To play the rhythms, all you need are two sets of pentatonic Boomwhackers® and one set of Boomwhacker® caps. 

Boomwhacker Rhythms is also available as part of my "Rhythm for Kids Package Deal" that includes the video "Cup Drumming" and the book "Slap Happy."  The package deal gives you 3 titles for the price of 2 as downloads (click on the image on the left in the top row below)