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Boomwhacker® Rhythms (download)

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In this hour-long video, you'll learn how to play 18 different two- and three-part rhythms from Africa and Cuba, as well as rock and pop music. It's for kids 5 and up, but it's also for grown-ups, as you'll see when I play the rhythms along with my wife Betsy and our 27-year-old daughter Molly.  And whether you're a teacher looking for a funkier way to use Boomwhackers® in the classroom or a family that just wants to play together, this video will get you rockin' in no time.

To play the rhythms, all you need are two sets of pentatonic Boomwhackers® and one set of Boomwhacker® caps. 

Boomwhacker Rhythms is also available as part of my "Rhythm for Kids Package Deal" that also includes the video Cup Drumming and the book Slap Happy.  The package deal gives you 3 titles for the price of 2, either all as downloads (click on the image below in the middle row on the left) or as two physical products and one download (click on the image below in the bottom row on the left)