Cup Drumming for Kids (download)

Cup Drumming for Kids (download)

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You don't need a drum to be a drummer!  Features of this video:
*For kids age 10 and up (or a precocious 5 and up)
*For parents who want to do something fun with their kids
*For teachers who are looking for a music program that doesn't require any instruments

*Learn 12 rock and pop rhythms
*Learn the pass, the slide, and the roll
*Learn basic rhythmic concepts
*Play alone, in pairs, or in a group
*Play along with us as we rock out to real music in every lesson
*Play along with your favorite music.
*Running time: 56 minutes

Cup drumming builds coordination, cooperation and connection, and it's great for parties, sleep-overs, retreats or camp. 

Cup Drumming is available as part of my "Rhythm for Kids Package Deal" that also includes the video "Boomwhacker Rhythms" and the book "Slap Happy." The package deal gives you 3 titles for the price of 2 as downloads (click on the image below). You can also get Cup Drumming separately as a DVD by clicking on "Physical DVDs" on the main menu of Videos and Books.  

"My 7-year-old daughter wants to play with the cups all the time. Many thanks!" Andreas Geyer, Germany 
"This is the first time I've ever been excited to get back to school from Spring Break to share this with the kids!" Linda Hundley, 5th Grade Teacher in Spring, Texas