Rhythm for Kids Package Deal (download)

Rhythm for Kids Package Deal (download)

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This package deal gives you 3 kid-friendly instructional titles for the price of 2.  It includes the videos "Cup Drumming for Kids" and "Boomwhacker Rhythms for Beginners of All Ages," as well as the book "Slap Happy."  All are in downloadable form. If you want to learn more about each individual title in this package, just click on its image below. 

As a bonus, you'll get some free music when you order this package, including the album Jaguar at Half Moon Lake and the piano songs I wrote for The Joy of Six. 

"Perfect for my kids!"  Diego Peris, Algard School, Ibiza, Spain

"I came across Slap Happy years ago and used it with joy and pleasure in my classroom. Thank you for the happiness it  brought to my elementary and middle school students!"   Joan Kingsolver, Wyoming 

"Slap Happy is the BEST!!!!!" Shannon Williams, K-6 general music teacher in Athens City Schools in Ohio