Learn to Solo on Djembe or Conga video download (the equivalent of 4 DVDs)
Learn to Solo on Djembe or Conga video download (the equivalent of 4 DVDs)

Learn to Solo on Djembe or Conga video download (the equivalent of 4 DVDs)

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When I was learning to solo, my teachers told me to "just feel it."  That didn't work for me, so I spent years breaking down the art of soloing to a step-by-step learning process.  And I put everything I know into this series on soloing.  If you want to learn how to build a solo brick by brick, there's nothing else out there like this.

The lessons are organized around licks, the building blocks of a great solo. Each lick is woven into bite-sized patterns that start simple and gradually get more complex. And each later lesson builds on earlier lessons, so you'll be expanding your soloing skills outward from a solid center.

This video series has four one-hour lessons as downloads that were originally released as four DVDs:

Lesson 1: The Power of Pairs

Lesson 2: The Rippled 8 and the Illusion of Speed

Lesson 3: The Perfect Lick--The Rippled 6

Lesson 4: The Funky Offbeat Path

At the time I recorded the videos, I had a bruised finger on my right hand. My best alternative was to play the patterns on two electronic drums, with the drum closest to me being my tone and the drum further away being my slap. As it turned out, this actually makes it easier for you to see and hear the difference between my tones and slaps! 

Each video comes with PDF file of charts of all the patterns that you can print out and use to help you practice.

If you're interested in an audio version of this course (which is even more extensive than the video version) click on the image on the right below.

“I think your step-by-step course on soloing is one of the most musical, well-organized, and well-explained of any of the instructional materials on the market.”  Salil Sachdev, Professor and Chair, Music Department, Bridgewater State University 

An ingenious method for understanding the mystery of how to solo with heart and mind, hidden from most hand drummers until now!" Gary Meitrott, Founder and Director, Drum Journeys of Earth


"I wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with your books and CDs. I play congas, dununs and djembe. I started out as a set drummer years ago, then got into multi-percussion such as tympani and marimba. So I come into this with rhythmic independence and knowing how to read music. 

However, I must say that your three works A Rhythmic Vocabulary, Secrets of the Hand and the Learn To Solo series have provided me with the most solid foundation I think possible. Your systematic solo method allows me to easily construct musical phrases that sound impressive because their underlying simplicity comes alive when played at burning fast tempos. Soloists are story tellers as well as illusionists - and both elements are amply captured in the Dancing Hands paradigm. 

Thanks for providing a great product and a great service to serious drummers such as myself."  Jeff Halverson