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Download of "Teaching CDs for Community Choirs Volume 1"

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Betsy Sansby, who leads the One World Community Choir  in Minnetonka, Minnesota, has produced a set of teaching CDs for community choir leaders.  This is the downloadable version of Volume 1 (which is out of print as a physical disc).

Each beautifully-recorded volume in the series contains all the parts to five or more a cappella songs from around the world. Each part is highlighted on a separate track, so it’s easy to hear how each part should sound, as well as how it interacts with the others.  And each song is recorded with a click, so you always know how each part relates to the beat. Each volume comes with a PDF file including the lyrics of the songs (but not a score), translations for the songs, and teaching suggestions for choir leaders.  
100% of all profits from the sale of these volumes goes to charity. 

Songlist for Volume 1: 
  • Kudekukuru. A simple but spellbinding 5-part rainforest chant by John Bowker
  • Follow the Heron. A gorgeous 3-part ballad by contemporary Scottish singer/songwriter, Karine Polwart.
  • Sail Away, Ladies. A rousing 3-part Appalachian song from Kentucky dating back to the Civil War period.
  • Shosholoza. A 4-part South African Anthem, originally sung by miners, masterfully arranged by the Drakensberg Boys Choir
  • Hold On Just a Little While Longer An inspiring 4-part Spiritual with non-religious lyrics. Includes optional solo track.
"I listened to your CDs and I'm overcome by how lovely they are. Your singing is gorgeous, the songs are terrific, and the whole concept of creating these tools and sending them out into the world--just to make it a happier place...It's a great gift to your fellow humans who get the benefit of your talent and generosity. Congratulations on such a wonderful labor of love."
Barb Freese
"I love Betsy's arrangements and so does my choir. They're always vibrant and heartfelt (and beautifully sung). If only all teaching CDs were so easy on the ear."
Chris Samuel, VoxBox, member of the Spooky Men Chorale, UK