Download of "Teaching CDs for Community Choirs Volume 2"

Download of "Teaching CDs for Community Choirs Volume 2"

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Betsy Sansby, who leads the One World Community Choir  of Minnetonka, MN, has produced a set of teaching CDs for community choir leaders.  This is the downloadable version of Volume 2.

Each beautifully recorded volume in the series contains all the parts to five or more a cappella songs from around the world. Each part is highlighted on a separate track, so it’s easy to hear how each part should sound, as well as how it interacts with the others. And each song is recorded with a click, so you always know how each part relates to the beat. Each volume comes with a PDF file including the lyrics of the songs (but not a score), translations for the songs, and teaching suggestions for choir leaders.

As a bonus, you'll get some free music when you order this book, including the album Jaguar at Half Moon Lake and the four piano songs I wrote for The Joy of Six. 
Volume 2 songlist:

  • Chiro Chacho. A playful 4-part wedding song from Zimbabwe.
  • Hambe Kahle. A traditional song of farewell and friendship from South Africa
  • Bright Morning Stars Are Rising. A 3-part song from Appalachia.
  • Sigalagala. A 3-part lullaby by Kenyan songwriter, Anindo Marshall.
  • Because All Men Are Brothers. A 3-part hymn. Music by J.S. Bach, words by Tom Glazer, an American activist.
  • Parting Glass. A soulful, traditional Irish drinking song in 3 parts, based on an arrangement by Ruth Moody of the Wailin Jennys.
"Exceptionally high quality recordings made with glorious attention to detail. A delight to hear and wildly useful for all choir directors needing the gift of quick and easy access to ready-prepared songs their choir will love." Alise Ojay, Crediton World Music Community Choir, UK 
“I tried for years to start a choir, but couldn't pull it together. Betsy's teaching CDs have finally made it possible." Holly Shure, Durango, Colorado